360-Degree Delight: Golley Slater's Christmas Sparkle Through the Lens of V360 Video Booth

V360 Video Booth transforms Golley Slater's Christmas celebration at the historic Cornerstone Church into a whirlwind of festive creativity, capturing joy, glamour, and memorable moments.

Unlocking Festive Brilliance: V360 Video Booth Takes Center Stage at Golley Slater's Christmas Extravaganza

'Tis the season for joy, merriment, and unforgettable celebrations, and V360 Video Booth recently had the honor of being part of Golley Slater's Christmas party held at the majestic Cornerstone Church, Cardiff. This Grade II listed building and conference center provided a breathtaking backdrop for an evening of festive fun and creativity.

Award-Winning Golley Slater Chooses V360 Video Booth

Golley Slater, an award-winning marketing communications agency renowned for their expertise in advertising, media, PR, and marketing, opted for the V360 Video Booth's Silver 3-hour booking package to elevate their Christmas party experience. The Cornerstone Church, with its historic charm, served as the ideal venue for this gathering of creative minds.

Two V360 Video Booth operators arrived one hour early to set up in the main function room, graciously pre-allocated by the Cornerstone team. This marked V360 Video Booth's second event at the Cornerstone Church within two weeks, and the warm welcome and assistance from the Cornerstone team made the setup process smooth and efficient.

Safety is paramount at V360 Video Booth, and the team ensured the well-being of all guests with retractable belt barriers. These safety measures allowed viewing guests to maintain a safe distance from the rotating 360-degree video arm while creating isolated areas away from the bustling crowd.

Curiosity Ignites Excitement

As the booth lights illuminated, curiosity swept through the room, capturing the attention of guests enjoying their meals. V360 Video Booth operators took the opportunity to explain the workings of the booth, emphasising safety measures and how guests could capture amazing content.

Once announced by a Golley Slater team member, a large crowd eagerly formed, creating a lively queue that did not dissipate throughout the event. The booth continuously spun, delighting guests who eagerly previewed their videos after each session. The instant sharing feature had guests thrilled as their videos were promptly sent, leading to a cascade of social media shares that amplified brand awareness for Golley Slater and the event.

Guests, dressed in formal Christmas party attire, embraced the festive spirit with the Christmas-themed props provided by V360 Video Booth. A neatly laid-out prop table allowed for the perfect finishing touch to their outfits, adding an extra layer of holiday cheer to the already glamorous evening.

Less than 24 hours after the event, V360 Video Booth delivered all the captured videos in a Google Drive folder and online gallery. This thoughtful touch ensured that the event organiser had immediate access to the content, ready to be utilized in Golley Slater's marketing efforts or shared across their social platforms.

Memorable Moments in Motion: Golley Slater's Cornerstone Christmas Extravaganza with V360 Video Booth

Golley Slater's Christmas celebration at the Cornerstone Church, captured through the lens of V360 Video Booth, was a night of creativity, excitement, and festive brilliance. The combination of historic charm, cutting-edge technology, and the infectious holiday spirit resulted in an event that will be remembered long after the last spin of the 360-degree video booth. Cheers to Golley Slater for a memorable Christmas party and to many more celebrations filled with joy and creativity!

About Golley Slater: A Legacy of Curiosity and Creative Excellence

Established in 1957, Golley Slater stands as a pioneering force in the dynamic world of marketing and communications, celebrating a rich legacy spanning 65 years. From our inception, our journey has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to curiosity, recognizing it as the catalyst that fuels innovation and brings the unexpected to life.

As a multi-disciplined, award-winning, and fully integrated agency, we have mastered the art of delivering both immediate sales impact and enduring brand value. Our holistic approach extends beyond conventional boundaries, allowing us to shape not only brands but also drive meaningful changes in societal behavior.

At the heart of Golley Slater is a profound belief that "Curiosity Creates the Unexpected." This belief is the driving force behind our evolution and the key to unlocking limitless possibilities in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and communication.

Throughout the decades, our agency has thrived on pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and exploring uncharted territories. We are more than just a marketing agency; we are architects of experiences, storytellers, and catalysts for change.

As we continue to evolve, we remain dedicated to fostering a culture of curiosity within our team, client relationships, and the industries we serve. Golley Slater is not just a name; it is a symbol of innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of the unexpected. Join us on this journey, where every day brings new challenges, new ideas, and new opportunities to redefine what is possible in the world of marketing and communication.

About Cornerstone: A Historical Landmark and Modern Hub for Cardiff's Community

Since September 2016, Cornerstone has been a beacon in the heart of Cardiff—a multifaceted establishment that seamlessly blends rich historical significance with contemporary vibrancy. Nestled within a stunning Grade II listed building that has graced the Cardiff skyline for over 160 years, Cornerstone stands as a testament to the city's past and its ever-evolving future.

Originally inaugurated in 1855 as Ebenezer Chapel, the first Neo-Gothic church in Cardiff, this architectural gem underwent a transformative renovation in 2015-2016, thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The result is a visually striking venue with a dramatic, colorful frontage and a magnificent open-span interior—a true reflection of Cardiff's architectural and cultural heritage.

Cornerstone serves as a dynamic hub for the community, business, arts, and celebrations. From parties, weddings, VIP dining, corporate meetings, concerts, to exhibitions, Cornerstone offers versatile spaces designed to accommodate every occasion. Its community hub goes beyond bricks and mortar, featuring a welcoming café, communal spaces for local events, and diverse rooms adaptable to suit any gathering.

Officially unveiled by HRH the Prince of Wales in December 2016, Cornerstone has been a steadfast and integral part of Cardiff's cultural tapestry ever since. In recognition of its commitment to preserving heritage, Cornerstone proudly received the 2017 Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Awards, Wales Building Conservation Award—an accolade that underscores its dedication to architectural stewardship.

Cornerstone isn't merely a venue; it's a living testament to Cardiff's resilience, innovation, and community spirit. Steeped in history yet firmly rooted in the present, Cornerstone continues to evolve as a cherished space where Cardiff's past and future converge, creating a lasting impact on the city and its people.