Capturing Christmas Magic: V360 Video Booth's Spectacular Moments at Laurie Williams Hair Salon

Step into the enchanting world of Laurie Williams Hair Salon's Christmas Staff Party, where V360 Video Booth's 360-degree magic turned an intimate space into a festive wonderland of dance, laughter, and memorable moments.

V360 Video Booth at Laurie Williams Hair Salon's Christmas Staff Party

The holiday season is all about spreading joy, and what better way to do that than by capturing the festive spirit in 360 degrees? V360 Video Booth recently had the pleasure of being part of Laurie Williams Hair Salon's Christmas Staff Party, held at the owner Laurie's picturesque home in Pembroke Dock, Pembroke, Wales. In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes of this intimate and heartwarming event where our 360-degree video booth added a dash of magic to the celebration.

Setting the Stage for Festivity

Laurie's home provided the perfect backdrop for a cozy and intimate Christmas celebration. Setting up the 360-degree video booth an hour before the festivities began, we nestled it in a charming space next to a beautifully adorned tree and a crackling fireplace. The festive elements became stars in the background of each 360 video, creating a warm and Christmassy vibe that would be etched into the memories of all who attended.

The chosen package for Laurie Williams Hair Salon's Christmas Staff Party was a one-hour Paper booking package featuring our state-of-the-art 360-degree video booth. Two of our operators were on-site to ensure a seamless experience, capturing the magic as it unfolded. The intimate setting allowed for a more personal touch, making the evening a memorable one for all.

Surprise and Delight

The 360-degree video booth was kept as a surprise for the staff, and the reaction was nothing short of pure delight. The team welcomed us with warmth and enthusiasm, setting the stage for a night filled with creativity and fun.

Each staff member had their moment to shine, with solo dance videos that showcased their individual styles and personalities. The group videos were a highlight, featuring all staff members coming together on the booth for synchronised dance routines that added a touch of sparkle to the evening. The infectious excitement and keen choreography resulted in some truly amazing and entertaining content.

To enhance the festive atmosphere, we provided Christmas-themed props, including sparkly Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and Christmas-themed headbands. The staff embraced these accessories, matching them with their beautiful Christmas outfits and adding an extra layer of holiday cheer to their videos.

The magic didn't stop once the videos were recorded. All videos were sent to the guests instantly, allowing them to share the joy across social media platforms. The instant sharing not only spread the festive cheer but also brought great awareness to Laurie's hair salon business, creating a buzz in the digital sphere.

As the night unfolded, our team had the pleasure of witnessing the staff create not just videos but memories that will be cherished for years to come. The success of the evening is a testament to the fantastic team at Laurie Williams Hair Salon and the joyous atmosphere created by a thoughtful and fun-loving boss.

Festive Fun Unleashed: V360 Video Booth Turns Laurie Williams Hair Salon's Christmas Party into a Digital Delight

Laurie Williams Hair Salon's Christmas Staff Party was a great success, and we at V360 Video Booth feel fortunate to have been part of such a festive and heartwarming celebration. From surprise reactions to creative dance routines, the night was a true reflection of the holiday spirit. Our 360-degree video booth not only captured the moments but added a touch of magic that will be remembered fondly. Cheers to Laurie and her amazing team for creating a night of fun, laughter, and holiday joy!