Newport's Stylish Soiree: V360 Video Booth Adds Magic to Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio's Anniversary

Celebrating One Year of Glamour: V360 Video Booth at Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio’s Milestone Party

In the heart of Newport High Street, South Wales, V360 Video Booth embarked on a memorable journey to mark a significant milestone for Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio. As the sun set on the city center, our team joined the celebration at the chic hair studio, bringing the magic of our 360-degree video booth to amplify the glamour of Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio's one-year anniversary.

The venue, nestled within the bustling city center and facing a parking challenge, posed initial concerns for the owner. However, with V360 Video Booth's expertise in orchestrating events at various isolated venues, our team reassured Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio that we would not only find a way but also arrive with ample time to overcome any accessibility hurdles. The commitment to a seamless experience remained unwavering.


A Milestone Celebration in Style

Hired as the entertainment centerpiece alongside a DJ, V360 Video Booth took center stage at Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio's milestone celebration—1 year of flourishing business. The honour of being part of such a momentous occasion resonated deeply with our team, and our operators, Julian and Michael, spared no effort in capturing the essence of this special journey.

As part of our Silver booking package, V360 Video Booth unfolded a spectacular three-hour experience, complete with a custom-branded overlay and an audio track. Our graphics team adorned all videos with the Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio logo, creating a visually stunning and branded content collection that guests instantly shared across their social media platforms, becoming ambassadors for the hair studio.

Every video was set to the beats of the well-loved Eliza Rose and Interplanetary Criminal hit track "B.O.T.A. (Baddest of Them All)," adding an extra layer of excitement and rhythm to the branded videos. The seamless integration allowed guests to share their fabulous moments on various social media platforms, from YouTube to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Compact Setup, Maximum Impact

Our operators transformed a small space in front of the branded studio backdrop into a hub of creativity, maximising brand awareness in each video. After introducing the booth and providing guidance on creating captivating content, guests embraced the booth, working it in their unique and fabulous ways, resulting in some of the most outstanding content witnessed by the V360 Video Booth team.

The night at Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio's anniversary celebration was a testament to the power of creativity, glamour, and shared moments. V360 Video Booth is honoured to have been part of this extraordinary journey, capturing memories that will forever be etched in the heart of Newport and the vibrant history of Harrison Rabbit Hair Studio. Cheers to one year of style, success, and fabulous hair!

About Harrison Rabbitt Hair Studio: Where Passion Transforms into Artistry

At Harrison Rabbitt Hair Studio, our journey is rooted in a lifelong love affair with hair, evolving into a passionate commitment to the craft of hairstyling. From the earliest memories, the founder envisioned a future where their ardor for hair would be the driving force behind a unique and inspiring hair studio.

The narrative begins at the age of 14 when a Saturday job in a Newport salon marked the initiation into the world of hairstyling. The path to mastery unfolded with valuable lessons learned at Toni and Guy, followed by immersive experiences in diverse salons across Bristol and Monmouthshire. This diverse journey laid the foundation for what would eventually become Harrison Rabbitt Hair Studio.

Our founder finds joy in every aspect of hairdressing, with a particular expertise in the realm of creative fashion hair colours. As a proud member of the Pulp Riot Creative Team, ongoing education and immersion in the latest trends ensure that our artistic expressions are always at the forefront of the industry.

The heart of our studio lies in the genuine passion for the craft, as reflected in the founder's dedication to helping clients achieve their desired looks. Setting goals and working collaboratively, we strive to bring each client's vision to life, ensuring a transformative experience with every visit.

Before the inception of Harrison Rabbitt Hair Studio, our founder provided a microcosm of their distinctive hair services in a small studio setting. The positive experience and growing demand became the catalyst for expanding the business—a decision fuelled by a desire to meet the needs of a broader clientele and further enrich personal expertise in the art of hairdressing.

At Harrison Rabbitt Hair Studio, every strand tells a story, and every client becomes a canvas for our artistic expressions. We invite you to join us on this journey where passion intertwines with expertise, transforming hair into a work of art that reflects the essence of each individual who walks through our doors.